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Freneau to Chartier

                     Philip Freneau's House in Matawan
This site contains infomation on my home and it's surrounding land. My house was first used by Philip Freneau http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Freneau from 1818 to 1824 as his last home in Matawan, and it and the site continued to have a long and interesting history up to the present.

It is a an 1818 Federalist style home with Victorian and later additions on Poet Drive in Matawan.

From the site's beginnings in 1688 to the present, I have chronicled its history on the History of the House page, here:
and I'm cataloging all the physical attributes of the house and grounds here:
I bought the home in 2004 and continue to discover many interesting things about Freneau, the house itself, and its history, which I hope to publish here in detail.

Feel free to contact me about the house at mikechartier@philipfreneau.com

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