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This site contains infomation on my home and it's surrounding land. The house was built and first used by Philip Freneau, the "Poet of the Revolution", best friend of James Madison, and publisher, editor, and key player in the Jefferson/Hamilton battles of the 1790s.  He lived in it from 1818 to 1824 as his last home in Matawan, and it and the site continued to have a long and interesting history up to the present.
It is a historical home identified by the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office receiving a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for listing on the New Jersey, and National Register of Historical Places in 2009. 

The COE satisfies a prerequisite to apply for funds from the New Jersey Historic Trust, as well as several county preservation funding programs. 

New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places; Monmouth County

Revolutionary War New Jersey

It is a an 1818 Federalist style home with Victorian and later additions on Poet Drive in Matawan.

From the site's beginnings in 1688 to the present, I have chronicled its history on the History of the House page, here:

and I'm cataloging all the physical attributes of the house and grounds here:

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